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I have a habit of procrastinating. I tell myself that I’m researching for my business but really I’m just avoiding real work. So I decided to make all that time messing around on Google, capterra, and play store into something productive! So here are some recommendations for free things that could be helpful for entrepreneurs:

  1. 3M Post-it app: I like it for my tablet. It’s great for brainstorming and organizing ideas and to do lists etc.
  2. Google Docs and Tasks apps: I love having these as separate apps on my phone so that I can easily check what I need to do for the day and to easily take notes on the go. I can access them from any computer and sync with my calendar.
  3. Buying digital editable and printable templates for planners and journals that I can change to my business’s branding and then give away as a freebie to potential clients. Here’s one that I’m an affiliate for because I like her stuff for entrepreneurs.
  4. Google Drive app on my android phone because you can scan. So for your business expenses scan your receipts and keep them in a Google drive file labeled taxes. No need to buy a special app to keep track of expenses.
  5. For a digital planner on Android tablets I recommend the app Penly

Well I hope you find something useful and fun at the same time! To your Peace and Profitability!


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