Pep Talk(Read this – it’s short)

close up photograph of flowers

Hey Friends! I just wanted to share what a good friend shared with me. We were talking about being enough – deep theological discussion. How women can be burdened with the weight of the “shoulds”. I should do more, weigh less, etc. I am not sure where my friend heard this, but she said that we need to stop “should-ing” on ourselves. So friends, when you feel tempted to say I should (fill in the blank) please think about what you are saying. Are you repeating what culture or other people are saying you “should” do? Are you doing it from a place where you see yourself as not enough? If so, then stop. Stop should-ing on yourself! You are enough and you are amazing. Do what you need to do to let that amazingness thrive!

Care for yourself, Friend!

Happy Adventuring!



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